​Artist's Statement​

I come from a different world., the world of medicine in which the human body is the supreme riddle.  A world where knowledge, observation and examination may combine to make a diagnosis and successful treatment.  After 30 years of practicing Ophthalmology I retired to the world of art.  Surprisingly to me,  the same discipline I had practiced held true for painting as well.  I began my quest for excellence by studying with some of the artists whose work I most admire; Daniel Greene, Max Ginsburg, Burton Silverman, Ismael Checo, Laurel Boeck Stern in portraiture and Joseph McGurl, John Cosby and Chris Magadini in landscape to name a few.  The Art Student's League in Manhattan, NY, the Rye Art Center in Rye, NY and the Creative Art Center in Chatham, MA,  were a source of learning.  

In 2010 I had my first show entitled "The Bridges of Westchester County".  This was the culmination of a year long plein air effort depicting some of the historic bridges around the county.  I have also painted numerous portraits  of friends and family, still lives, and landscapes in many locals, many on commission.

I believe I have learned to "see like an artist" and hope that this vision has been reflected in the pages of this site.

Dianne Aronian 2016