​​​​​​​​​​​​​Artist's Statement​

I come from a different world., the world of medicine in which the human body is the supreme riddle.  A world where knowledge, observation and examination may combine to make a diagnosis and successful treatment.  After 30 years of practicing Ophthalmology I retired to the world of art.  Surprisingly to me,  the same discipline I had practiced held true for painting as well.  I began my quest for excellence by studying with some of the artists whose work I most admire; Daniel Greene, Max Ginsburg, Burton Silverman, Ismael Checo, Laurel Boeck Stern in portraiture and Joseph McGurl, John Cosby and Chris Magadini in landscape to name a few.  The Art Student's League in Manhattan, NY, the Rye Art Center in Rye, NY and the Creative Art Center in Chatham, MA,  were a source of learning.  

In 2010 I had my first show entitled "The Bridges of Westchester County".  This was the culmination of a year long plein air effort depicting some of the historic bridges around the county.  More recently,  my "Inner Beauty" show depicted fanciful impressions of human anatomy.  It  was shown at our local fitness center and then at Northern Westchester Hospital in New York.   My current effort is yet to come later this spring and showcases the beautiful environs here in Yorktown. The preview of it is contained here under "All in the Neighborhood"".   Also I have painted numerous portraits  of friends and family, still lives, and landscapes in many locals, many on commission.  

In all of this, I believe I have learned to "see like an artist" and hope that this vision has been reflected in the pages of this site.

Dianne Aronian 2018