Elements for a Japanese meal  16x12  oil on canvas

​Caravan bounty  16x20  oil on linen

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pepper melange  8x6  oil on canvas​

Courge d' Nice  6x12  oil on linen

Garden garlic  16x12  oil on canvas

Garden delight  12x16  oil on canvas

​Shadow play  16x20 oil on linen

Best butternut  16x20  oil on linen

Nautical still life  8x6  oil on canvas

The Thinkers  20x16​   oil on linen

​Polar bears with meringues ice bergs  20x16  oil on canvas

Trophy  12x16  oil on canvas

Lux picnic  16x20  oil on canvas

Hors d''ovres  12x16 oil on canvas

Additional still life oil paintings are shown here:

Fu dog with zinnias.  12x16  oil on masonite

​regal orchids   16x20  oil on linen

Not Georgia  11x16  oil on masoniteT

Food store Trompe l''oeil  16x20  oil on board