Classic still life  12x16  oil on canvas

Night visitor  16x12   oil on linin

Look a likes  16x12  oil on canvas

Omlett maker  16x12  oil on canvas

Coming out  12x16  oil on linen

Guacamole anyone?  16x12

Asian treats  16x20  oil on linen

Persian still life   16x20  oil on canvas

Prize onion  12x16  oil on linen

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​Peonies  from my garden  12x16 oil

​Be my Valentine  12x16  oil on canvas

River rocks with horn and eagle feathers  12x16  oil on linin

Picnic time  16x18  oil on masonite

​Gonso plays bacci  12x16  oil on linen

​Boarscht anyone?  16x20  oil on canvas

​More peonies from my garden  16x16  oil

Mushroom melange  8x12  oil on linen

Giants at the oyster bar  16x16  oil on canvas

Harbinger of Spring  12x16 oil on board

Beat it  16x12  oil on linen