Inquisitive ladies  20x16

Bridge in winter  16x10

 The Bridges

Ice out on Hunter Brook  16x12

The Community Church  #1  20x16

Gazebo #2   12x16

The Hart Library  16x12

 The railroad trail   11x16

​A rainy day at Glenwood orchard  16x12 

​Reservoir support bridge 1904   16x12

The historic school house  16x12

Tucked in the woods  16x12

​PS,  At the end of this page see the commissions generated from this show.

Garden water feature   11x16

Chilly weather:  too cold to paint outdoors  8x6

Lasdon  house in Summer,  Lasdon Preserve  16x12

Croton reservoir view   16x12

Picture perfect   16x12

​Structures and Homes

The next day,  sunny  12x16

Welcome to Yorktown   16x12

Historic house Front Entrance

​Once Wally's  20x16

        Bridge in Fall   16x20

The spire house  16x12

Where the horses hitch

Picnic at Hilltop Hanover   16x12

Rock waterfall  12x16

The barn at "Hunterbrook farm"   20x16 

Highland pond at Boscobel  16x12

Rosen House at Caramoor  12x16

A summer evening   16x12

​Commissions completed in 2018

The view from my window

​The Croft at Tea Town  12x16

Stone house on the corner ,  inFall  16x12

Siphon house #2  6x12

The railroad bridge from rt. 100  16x12

Holland house   12x16

​Please scroll down to see the show.

The Indian rock shelter,  with indian  8x6

Reservoir Keepers House

Iconic Croton Gorge    12x16

​Victory garden at Hilltop Hanover  12x16

​Out door sales at Hemlock 12x16

West Point parachute practice at Bull Hill   20x16

​Abandoned mill pond Croton Reservoir  16x12

A snowy Day  12x16

The  Site of the Wedding vows

The Historic Post Office

​The vege garden at Hemlock farm  20x16

The Millpond at Hallox Mill 

Hunterbrook farmhouse   16x12

Gone fishing  16x12

Thanksgiving at Hemlock Farm  20x12

Morning at Hemlock  farm  20x16

The gazebo   #1  12x16

​The Community Church #2  12x16

Halloween house  12x16​

Arcadia horse farm  16x12

Faraway farm   16x12

The house on the hill  16x20

The yellow house  16x12

​Evelyn's   16x12

The good luck elefant house  16x12

     Water features

Afternoon of a fawn  16x12

​The  long view south at Hemlock farm  20x16

The  potting shed #2   14x11

Glenwood Farm   20x16

Siphon house #1  8x6

The Barn  in Morning

Turtle Hill    12x16

Woodland House ,(the other half)

Hilltop Hanover Farm  with belted Galloway cows  20x16

     ​The Farms

The barn in Spring

Wilken's farm stand   16x12

The historic salt box   12x12

  Where the trolls live  12x16

​​ This gallery showcases the beauty found  here in upper Westchester.  I have lived  here in Yorktown, NY for over 30 years and  continue to be inspired by the changing panorama of the seasons, the waterways and the wild life But some things seem never to change: the landmark buildings, the happy walkers on our trails, the farms and recurring patterns of life.   I  have tried to recreate  this beauty in my oil paintings.  This site represents an art show created for the benefit of our historic community church built in 1848.  100% of the proceeds raised from sales will go for much needed upkeep of the church.  And the pictures,  a reminder of the beauty that surrounds us, serve as my love letter to our community.


​Dianne Aronian 

Resident cows at Hemlock farm  20x16

​Welcome to Hemlock Farm  12x16

Men at work   19x10

The potting shed #1  12x16