Succulent garden (bone marrow) 20x28

Inhale (first cranial nerve) 16x20

Whirlwind  (red blood cells)  20x18

The nerve of it (various optic nerves) 12x16

​Don't count your chickens (gastric mucosa)  20x28

Osso bucco (knee joint) 12x16

Here's looking at you    (iris)  16x12

Tree of life (mitral valve) 12x16

​Deep purple (kidney with special stain) 12x16

​Fois gras? (liver and gall bladder ) 12x16

Inside out  (lens and ciliary body) 12x16

Respira profunda  (lung , electron micrograph)  28x20

Yellow tide (fat) 12x16

The edge of the earth (angle of the eye) 12x16

​Lady in blue (head of femur) 12x16

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Oh deer (vaginal mucosa with stain) 16x12

Succubus (falopian tube with ovary)  16x12

Sands of the sierra (retinopathy of prematurity) 12x16

Free at last! (rib cage) 12x16

Gone fishing (brain) 12x16

​Sock it, ouch! (navicular fracture wrist) 12x16

Crown jewel  (molar) 12x12

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Nautilus (inner ear)  16x20​

  • Graceful Ghost (rag)8:31

No skin off my back (cuboidal skin cells ) 24x30

Snappy connections  (synapses)  28x20